Is there a Smash Hit Multiplayer Mode?

When Mediocre first released Smash Hit in 2014, it was primarily a solo player game. The game rules are simple. Players get to have fun traveling through the otherworldly dimension of the game and break crystals, glass and other obstacles that come along the way. The game became an instant hit among players, but now, it gets even better.


Mediocre introduces new multiplayer game modes for Smash Hit! Avid fans and players of Smash Hit can now enjoy the game with their friends and family!



Play Alongside A Friend with Co-Op Mode


Smash Hit now has a co-op mode. This means that you can now play the game with your best friend (or sibling)! The objective of the game stays the same – just survive with as many balls as you can. Only that in co-op mode, you must work with your co-player to stay longer in the game as much as possible. Your teamwork and collaborative skills will certainly be put to the test!



Play More Competitively with Versus Mode


If you are more of the competitive type, the Versus Mode is for you. This mode allows two different Smash Hit players to play the game on the same device and compete with each other. Whoever survives the longest is the winner, of course!


The playing field in versus mode is completely equal because it offers a different set of obstacles and challenges compared to Classic Mode or any other mode of the game for that matter. So even if your friend is a long-time player of the original Smash Hit game, there’s still no telling who might win between you or him/her.


If you want to enjoy the multiplayer mode on a wider screen, download Smash Hit on your PC today! You can start with Classic Mode for some practice, learn how to build your ball collection, and destroy glass structures with ease and style.


For more tips, tricks, and ways to get to the leaderboards, read our Smash Hit FAQs page today!


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