Introduction to Smash Hit Game

Smash Hit is an arcade game created in 2014 by Swedish indie studio, Mediocre. The premise is simple, just smash every glassy object that comes to your way and travel as far as you can in the game’s otherworldly dimension! By now, you can now download the Smash Hit on PC and play it for free. But if you want to get ahead of the game like a pro, read the other Smash Hit FAQs for more tips and strategies.



Go Easy With Those Balls


Due to the game’s seemingly easy premise, most players would be tempted to just go reckless and smash every obstacle along the way. Although this mindless smashing can still bring players to new levels, it is not the best tactic for players who really want to win (or at least score more than other players).


So what to do? Just relax and go easy with those metal balls! The key to winning is to use those balls wisely. You have to build up your ball collection until you can use 5 of them at once and do more damage.


To build up your ball collection, you need to be patient. You still have to hit crystals, but make sure you just avoid any obstacles or glass structures along the way. The more you avoid obstacles, the more gets added to your ball collection. Once you have successfully built your ball collection, you can go smash crystals or obstacles with 5 balls at once!



Use Power-Ups Wisely


In this game, there are only 3 major power-ups that matter: the Unlimited Balls power-up, the Slow Time power-up, and the Explosion power-up. Obviously, the first power-up (Unlimited Balls) is the most useful one because it can help you save and build up your ball collection.


The Slow Time comes in handy when you’re faced with a difficult obstacle and you need more time to decide where to hit them all. Lastly, the Explosion power-up converts your balls into explosive bombs which can destroy larger chunks of glass, obstacles and crystal structures.

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