How to Play Smash Hit VR game?

If you enjoyed the arcade game, Smash Hit, then you will surely love it on a more interactive Virtual Reality (VR) level! With the VR version, you get to immerse yourself in the otherworldly, surreal dimension of the Smash Hit game universe!


For those who are interested to experience the Smash Hit VR game, it is available on the Oculus Store for Gear VR. You can enjoy the graphics and effects in a 3D-like manner and bask yourself in surround sound relaxing music and crashing/breaking noises.



Smash Hit VR Gameplay


Like the original version, Smash Hit’s VR version carries the same premise. To play Smash Hit game, Players have to smash obstacles using metal balls along the way. Running out of balls means game over, and players have to start over again.


In the VR version, players are required to aim the ball using their gaze. A touchpad on the Gear VR headset will be pressed to launch the ball. The objective of the game stays pretty much the same. Players get to progress and face more difficult obstacles with each level, and additional balls are earned by hitting crystals.


If you would want to rather experience Smash Hit on PC, you can download it now for free today. Enjoy smashing and breaking your way to glory for hours on end! For more tips, tricks, and game hacks visit our Smash Hit FAQs page now!

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