How to Get to the Top of the Smash Hit World Record?

Admittedly, Smash Hit is a fast-paced and addictive game. Although the mechanics of the game are quite easy, obstacles get harder to overcome as you go up each level. If you’re good enough, you will last longer  – but to be the best, you have to last longer and score higher too!


Like any other game, Smash Hit has a list of top players who scored high on a real-time basis. Their World Record changes from time to time, and Mediocre has yet to announce an official record-breaker for their game.


As of the moment, several players claim to have achieved the top score for the game, but no one is unbeatable. Each top player is outranked constantly, which gives the impression that Smash Hit players from around the world tend to be very competitive. So how can you beat everyone else and get to the top of the Smash Hit World Record?



Employ Gameplay Strategies

Although Mediocre markets Smash Hit as a “mindless” game, this does not mean that you can survive all its levels without employing a little strategy. Remember, you lose instantly when you are out of balls to hit those obstacles, crystals and glass structures.


So the first thing you should really work on is how you can build a great ball collection. Second, you have to use power-ups wisely. Save them for more difficult moments during the higher levels of the game. You can learn more Smash Hit hacks here.


Practice Makes Perfect

No one can become an expert overnight, so like any other game, you have to constantly play Smash Hit until you can master it fully. It is only through constant gameplay where you can experience actual difficulties, and then find ways to overcome them the next time you are faced with the same obstacle.


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