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Smash Hit is a mobile arcade game created by Swedish studio, Mediocre, and first released in 2014. The game takes players to a surreal, transcendental and otherworldly gaming dimension where glass and crystal structures are smashed to earn scores and more metal balls! Each level is designed uniquely, and obstacles get more difficult as the game progresses.


Gameplay is designed like an endless running game. Players travel through the game’s futuristic path endlessly, ending only when the player loses or runs out of balls. Easy to learn, but difficult to master – Smash Hit has been one of the most addictive games on mobile since its launch!


If you want to smash your way to the top of the game’s world record list, we compiled all the informative and helpful guides, frequently asked questions, tips, cheats, and tricks for you below. Learn how to get unlimited balls, collect power-ups, pass through checkpoints, implement strategies, and read other gameplay guides and tips that can help you last longer in the game!


Whether you are a new player or a long-time fan of the game, we can help you discover more features, modes, and tricks that can make Smash Hit even more enjoyable for you! Download Smash Hit on PC now for free!


Introduction to Smash Hit Game

Smash Hit is an arcade game created in 2014 by Swedish indie studio, Mediocre. The premise is simple, just smash every glassy object that comes to your way and travel as far as you can in the game’s otherworldly dimension! By now, you can now download the Smash Hit on PC and play it for free. […]

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How to Get to the Top of the Smash Hit World Record?

Admittedly, Smash Hit is a fast-paced and addictive game. Although the mechanics of the game are quite easy, obstacles get harder to overcome as you go up each level. If you’re good enough, you will last longer  – but to be the best, you have to last longer and score higher too!   Like any other […]

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What are Smash Hit Checkpoints?

Smash Hit is an addictive, endless running arcade game developed by Mediocre.  The aim of the game is to smash every crystal and obstacle in your way and try to survive as long as possible. You lose when you fail to collect more balls and use up all your ball collection because by then, you […]

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What is the purpose of Smash Hit Zen Mode?

Smash Hit is a popular arcade game developed by indie Swedish studio, Mediocre. The objective of the game is to smash or break every obstacle along the way to survive longer in the game! Due to its simple goal, it is sometimes referred to as a “mindless game.”   However, if you really want to […]

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Know the Different Types of Smash Hit Crystals

Smash Hit is a popular game created by Swedish indie studio, Mediocre, and its premise is simple – just smash your way through every obstacle and level up in the game. However, to survive each level, you have to make sure that you don’t run out of balls. Otherwise, that is the end of it. […]

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