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When Will Pocket Tanks 2 Be Released?

Like most cult classic titles that were around for more than a decade in the video game industry, fans of Pocket Tanks have been on the prowl on any details pertaining to a sequel of the iconic artillery game. Aside from the note from the game’s creator Michael P. Welch in 2008 that was included in Pocket Tanks’ update 1.6 which states “If you liked this, wait for my sequel Pocket Tanks 2…” there was never any mention or update whether or not Pocket Tanks 2 is under development.



However, despite the absence of any information about a sequel, members of the Pocket Tanks fanbase have taken this into their own hands and developed their own version of Pocket Tanks 2. These so-called “clones” are currently available to play inside the close-knit community of Pocket Tanks fanatics. After all, the number of copycats and clones is an indication of a certain product’s success and Pocket Tanks has a lot of it. Aside from these clones, some of the biggest modern artillery games on the market bear traces of the game mechanics of Pocket Tanks.


Will There Be Pocket Tanks 2?


For more than 17 years, Pocket Tanks has retained the original core gameplay mechanics as envisioned by its creator Michael P. Welch – fast frames rates, bright colors, and simple yet addictive gameplay. For that reason, the concept of a Pocket Tanks 2 game in an industry saturated with a vast selection of genres and titles could ruin the Pocket Tanks legacy, as seen in most sequels. The beauty of Pocket Tanks rests in its simplicity and functionality. Rather than a sequel, a new weapon pack would be an awesome addition to the game’s vast and diverse arsenal. Learn more about Pocket Tanks in the FAQ page. You can start playing this classic game by downloading Pocket Tanks on your PC today!

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