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The Pocket Tanks Tips and Tricks: Starting Your Very First Game

First impressions are important when starting a game, due to the fact that it can either make or break the experience. Pocket Tanks may look simple enough from the outside, however, the game does not come with a start-up guide. To save you the time (and frustration), we will let you know some of the basics by walking you through your very first game.


First, you need to install Pocket Tanks on your PC. Once the installation is finished and the game is launched, you will be greeted by the main title screen which gives you the option to either “Click to Start” or “Esc to Exit” and since this is a start-up guide, let’s assume that we clicked the first option.



From the title screen, a new window will pop-up with a menu showing the following selection:  1 Player, 2 Players, Target Practice, Return to Title, and Options. Despite the temptation of clicking Player 1 or Player 2 to start the game, it would be better to go click the Options button first. The reason for this is to set the appropriate condition and terrain, what we are looking for is the “Flats” description. After setting up the terrain, you can now go back to the main menu and since practice makes perfect, click on “Target Practice.” This will be your first encounter with the awesome weapons of Pocket Tanks, getting to know your weapons is a step closer to victory.


Get Ready for a Fun Gaming Experience


Done with your target practice? Already feeling like a pro? Then, time to begin your very first battle. But before you go on your rampage of destruction, it would be better to hide your tank from the enemy first and to do that, you must select the Dirt Mover from your loadout, adjust your angle to 280 degrees, crank up the power to 99 and fire away. This will provide you with your own safe place away from your enemy. There will be consequences for this maneuver but we will leave it up to you to discover. Learn more about Pocket Tanks in our FAQ section.

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