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The Benefits of Playing Pocket Tanks

Over the years, video games have evolved to become one of the most popular forms of entertainment.  What started as tiny moving dots on the screen has now developed into one of the most surreal forms of simulation to tap the human subconscious. As the populace gets flooded with a vast selection of genres and titles, the lifespan of a certain title is also dated. Though this may be the case, a small number of video games are still attracting a huge number of players, one of which is Pocket Tanks.


Play the Classic Pocket Tanks 


After 17 long years since its inception, Pocket Tanks still draws a lot of audience due to its unique balance of simplicity and challenges. Its fast-paced gameplay together with its arsenal made up of some of the most creative weapons seen in its genre and has been one of its strongest attributes credited to its success.



Unknown to most people, playing strategy games similar to Pocket Tanks has been proven to include additional perk aside from the usual fun and excitement. One such benefit is the improvement of the player’s Cognitive Flexibility (refers to the individual’s ability to adapt, switch, and come up with multiple ideas). Multiple studies show that people who play strategic games like Pocket Tanks tend to come up with solutions and learn from their mistakes faster than those who do not play the game at all.


Not only that, people who play games like Pocket Tanks are also likely to become better strategist in the world of business compared to those who are strangers to the genre. One of the multiple numbers of reasons provided to support this claim states that games provide real-time feedback and that it grants players the ability to test their approach on various scenarios. What this means is that a daily dose of Pocket Tanks will result in a more agile and an above average strategist. Learn more about this classic gem through the official Pocket Tanks FAQ page.

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