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Pocket Tanks in its own humble way has proven to be one of the strongest and influential artillery titles in the genre of strategy.  Pocket Tanks may not be a pioneer in the strategy genre but its development is based entirely on the mechanics of two of the most iconic artillery titles in video game history. One of which is the Amiga Artillery game Scorched Tanks, which in turn was inspired by Scorched Earth (dubbed as the modern archetype in its format). With this affiliation, it is safe to say that Pocket Tanks is part of the legacy that paved the way for the next generation of artillery games.



The elements that made up the core of Pocket Tanks gave inspiration for some of the biggest artillery games in modern gaming.  Games like the Worms series and Hogs of War, to name the least, bears some of the mechanics seen in the ancestors of Pocket Tanks. In fact, Angry Birds, one of the most downloaded games for mobile also bears some of the mechanics of an Artillery game. Some of which includes the game’s 2D environment, angle + power mechanism, environment or landscape destruction, and the use of various trajectories and projectiles.


Despite having the capacity to create or develop a modern version of Pocket Tanks, creator Michael P. Welch has maintained the purity of the game and has been independently working to improve the game’s mechanics. Keeping the consistency of the game’s frame rates and bright colors packed in one simple yet addictive gameplay was his intention for Pocket Tanks. All of which he successfully executed, making Pocket Tanks a cult favorite when it comes to artillery games. Learn more about Pocket Tanks in the FAQ page. You can now download Pocket Tanks on your PC.

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