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Released in 2001 for PC by Michael P. Welch as a follow-up to his highly acclaimed artillery-based Amiga Game Scorched Tanks was a game called Pocket Tanks. Artillery games, for those who are stranger to the term, is a turn-based combat game that relies heavily on the strategy to which the Pocket Tanks brand is an icon.



In 2008, after almost eight years, the Pocket Tanks Mac OSX port was rolled out to the gaming populace followed by an iPhone version in 2009. It will take another three years before an Android version made its way to the Play Store succeeded by a Windows Store listing in the year that followed.


After almost 17 years in existence, it’s worth noting that Pocket Tanks is aging like fine wine. It has evolved to become one of the most influential and strongest titles in its genre. Proof of this is the game’s continuous port to various game systems.


Classic Artillery Game


Compared to the current generation of artillery titles, the presentation of Pocket Tanks is nothing special. It is, in fact, has nothing much to show when it comes to aesthetics. However, concealed behind its modesty lies a wide selection of weapons paired with a simplified gameplay mechanic that eliminates much of the time-consuming complexities seen in most artillery-inspired games.


It was not the purpose of the developer to produce the prettiest game on the market. His aim was to create a fast-paced strategy-driven, challenge-inducing artillery game which could be the reason why despite the absence of cutting-edge graphics, Pocket Tanks has been one of the acclaimed strategy titles in the video game industry.


For those who are planning to join the massive Pocket Tanks gaming community and want to have a head start on things, then look no further as we offer not only the free version of the game but the perks that go along with it. We got you covered in our Pocket Tanks FAQ page. Join in the fun and download Pocket Tanks on PC today.

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