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Know Your Pocket Tanks Arsenal: The Golden Bullet

Launched on August 28, 2016, as part of the Gold Pack Weapon expansion, Pocket Tanks Golden Bullet is a powerful high-risk weapon. Often described as a gamble, this item can either provide a one-way ticket to victory or defeat. Upon execution, Pocket Tanks Golden Bullet launches together a barrage of medium-sized projectiles that covers a wide portion of the map.



This massive amount of firepower, however, requires a lot of skill to unleash due to the highly reduced accuracy of the weapon. This lack of precision makes Pocket Tanks Golden Bullet not only one of the most destructive items found in the Pocket Tanks arsenal but the most challenging as well.


Other Weapons Included in the Gold Pack


Aside from the Golden Bullet, the Gold Pack weapon expansion also comes with a variety of weapons, 15 to be exact, and each one is equipped with their own advantages and flaws. One example is the Melt Down that can create a lava-filled sinkhole in the ground. Another is the Mass Driver that summons an asteroid from orbit and the Streamer that unleashes a ton of bouncing bullets when triggered.


Impressive as it may seem, the weapons included in the Gold Pack expansion is just a speck in Pocket Tanks’ massive arsenal made up of 320 weapons. To get the full picture, you can try out the free version of the game that comes with 30 unique weapons. Word of advice, Pocket Tanks is a game that demands skills and strategy and if the going gets tough, feel free to visit our Pocket Tanks the FAQ page for more help. For those who want to get access to the Pocket Tanks Golden Bullet along with 14 other weapons in the Gold Pack, just make sure that you own the Deluxe Pack. Download Pocket Tanks today and start blasting your enemies away.

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