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How To Improve Your Pocket Tanks Strategy?

Strategy in Pocket Tanks is like flour to bread, which means that its presence is a necessity rather than a supplement. But, before we go running towards the nearest pastry shop, let’s take a look a some of the most basic elements in devising an effective Pocket Tanks strategy that will provide that much-needed headstart for a first-time player.



As you know by now, Pocket Tanks is a 2D game that provides a limited area for combat unlike the mechanics of most 3D games. While this feature makes the game more challenging, it also narrows down the needed components in planning your strategy. This leads us to one of the most basic components in creating an effective Pocket Tanks strategy in the form of battlefield analysis. Getting to know the playing field provides a solid foundation in formulating an effective strategy.

The Best Pocket Tanks Strategy


After getting an overview of the battlefield, the next step is to visualize the battle based on your available resources. Although, most players will eventually go with the bunker approach (the process of creating a bunker for protection and base building) or the Dirt Slinger approach (shooting the dirt slinger upwards to encase their tank in mud for defense), knowing the pros and cons of your equipment is still one of the best ways in planning your approach. Aside from improving your odds, utilizing the mentioned tactics on a regular basis will hone your observation skills thus cutting your strategy conception time in half.


Nevertheless, for those who just want to perform an all-out attack on their opponent without any defensive strategy in mind, you can always choose the most powerful weapon in your arsenal like the Golden Bullet. Point it towards your enemy and cross your fingers that your opponent will suffer a great deal of damage. Otherwise, a little practice and patience could go a long way. To learn more, visit our Pocket Tanks FAQ page.

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