Strategy in Playing Level 20 of Love Balls Game

Did you get hooked to the game but then you got stuck at a certain level? Well, I assure you this will be one of the many times you’ll experience this. Despite the simple mechanics, Love Balls sure is not an easy peasy game! Don’t worry because once you get familiar with how the game works, it would be a lot easier. Download Love Balls now and try to reach level 20 to see what we’re talking about!


How to Beat Love Balls Level 20?


Love Balls Level 20 is a completely different level from the previous ones. This time, you only have a suspended flower and the two balls placed in each side of the flower. With nothing to support them below, they will surely fall into the abyss. The challenge is to look for a way to make sure that these balls will reunite again instead of falling into nowhere.



Like any other level, it is important to note that all the answers in each level are not black and white. There are certainly more ways than one to get past the level. To make sure that these balls don’t fall, they need a support that would hold them and keep them from falling. At the same time, you also have to keep in mind that these balls have to meet.



One sure thing that you can do is to create a big circle that would surround the balls and would serve as a catch for the balls. Make sure you include the suspended flower in your circle so that when gravity acts on the game, it would hook with the flower and at the same time catch the balls.


Now that you know Level 20, we hope you got your confidence back! Still worrying about the next levels? Well, no need to fuss because we got answers for the next levels! Head on to our FAQ page to know more.

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