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By the time you’re reading this, it means that you’ve already downloaded Love Balls and you’re liking the game more and more, and that’s why you are looking for similar games! Don’t worry you’re on the right page.


Do you like the brain-teasing effect of Love Balls? Or, do you like the challenging levels that you get to unlock? Well, this is exciting because just like Love Balls, you get to draw lines for these games! Draw lines to complete the task and to make sure you win the game! Check out some of the similar games to Love Balls and read more about their mechanics!



Attractive Blackboards


The game features a blackboard where you can draw lines using your mouse. Hover over the blackboard and you will be controlling a chalk that you can use to guide the ball into the bell for each level. The fewer lines you draw, the higher your score will be! So instead of lovers meeting, you get to reunite the ball and the bell.


Lines Puzzle


In Lines Puzzle, you have to make various ways to roll the cannonballs into the baskets using lines. You can do so by creating additional platforms for the ball to roll or bounce. Just like Love Balls, you don’t want them falling anywhere else but into your target, right? Make sure the ball doesn’t fall into the abyss to win the game!


Good Fish, Bad Fish


In Good Fish, Bad Fish, the goal is to get all the good fish in the sea. Use your mouse to remove or cut certain parts of the ice to make sure that all the good ones are back in the sea. The first few levels are easy but eventually becomes harder. Be careful in cutting the ice levels. Just like Love Balls, this game is a game that needs thinking.


For the meantime, try checking out the Love Balls cheats and hacks to help you level-up your gameplay. Try them all and make sure you win the levels!

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