Mechanics on Playing Love Balls Level 150

Love Balls is a very addicting and exciting game. In this game, you get to help lovers to get back to each other. Long-distance relationships are quite hard, you know! So, in order to win the game and move on to the next level, you have to make a way for these balls to keep in touch. Come and play the game online! Better yet, play it on your PC for free. Download Love Balls now!


Love Balls Level 150 Guide


In level 150, you will race through time and motion. Make sure you strategically place your drawing in the right places to help you get through this level. The set-up is a bit tricky for this round. This time, 6 yellow balls are included in the set-up which means that these balls will move simultaneously with the love balls. The set-up also includes barbed wires at the bottom where the pink ball is located. The aim of the player now is to make sure that the blue ball will get through that part without the yellow balls interfering. This level is not like any other levels where you just complete the path by making a line or connecting missing links. This time, you have to make a way where you can also use the balls to your advantage.



So, to solve this level, you need to create a shape that would block the last three balls and allow the first three yellow balls to fall into that space and fill it. Once filled, you can now move the blue ball toward the edge and the filled space would naturally lead the blue ball towards the pink balls! Alas! They meet again!



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