Love Balls Level 51 Mechanics

Get hooked in the latest fun and exciting game that dominated the mobile world earlier this year! Presenting Love Balls, a game that will surely keep you at the edge of your seats and lost in thought! Though this is a thinking game, we promise you that this will not be boring. So, what are you waiting for? Take on the challenge and download Love Balls on your PC now!


Despite the never-boring promise of this game, there might be some problems along the way. Because as you know, the more you play and progress in the game, the more difficult it becomes! That’s right! It will never be boring because each level will not repeat itself. So, get ready and prepare your strategies. Another good thing is that this is not a timed game!


Win Level 51 in Love Balls Easily


In level 51, the balls are located directly above each other. The blue ball is placed in a beam while the pink ball is suspended on air. Since the set-up is a bit tricky, the important concern is that the pink ball will not fall into the abyss. Make sure that you catch it when you draw the line.



For this level, it is advisable that you draw a line to catch the pink ball first. Based on our experience, it is better to make a semi-circle to catch the pink ball. After doing that, push the blue ball to the edge of the beam by drawing a diagonal line. This would make the blue ball roll and eventually fall in the semi-circle drawing. The curves will help lead the blue ball to the pink ball and would get them to reunite.



With all these tips to solve level 51, this is just a sure 3-star level! Want more of those 3-star levels? Visit our collection of FAQs to find the solutions to some of the most difficult levels. There is also a list of tips and cheats to get better at this game! Go check it out now!

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