Love Balls Level 30 Playing Guide

It’s true that when you love someone, nothing can tear you apart — even if it’s a giant diagonal wall that’s keeping you apart! Make sure that you help the blue and pink ball to meet with just the click of your mouse!


Love Balls is a puzzle game designed to help you be creative in meeting your goal of helping the balls get together! In this game, you can practice your imagination. You imagine the possible pros and cons of your moves. Every stroke of your hand can either make or break the game for you. It’s important to know that there is more than one way to answer each level in Love Balls. Be creative because as long as you get to do the goal, you win! Try it and download Love Balls here!


Solve the Love Balls Level 30 Puzzle


In this level, the blue ball is placed beside a diagonal wall across the pink ball, while the pink ball is placed beside an inclined wall as well. The goal is to get them to meet by drawing lines to catch them or to set them up so they could get back together.



One solution for this could be drawing a semicircle to catch the blue ball to ensure that it would fall between the two walls together with the pink ball. Another is drawing a straight line to keep the blue ball from going the wrong direction. This would ensure that both balls would meet in the space between the walls.



Make sure that as you draw these lines, you also watch out for the star level. The more you draw a line, the more they decrease the star that you earn per level. So, make sure that you get the task done with minimal drawings to get that 3 stars.


Once you get this level done, I’m sure that you will move on to the next level. Check out how to answer Level 50 of Love Balls on PC!

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