Love Balls Level 163 Strategy Guide

Starting this year, everyone got hooked and fell in love with Love Balls. With the simple mechanics and simple goal, what’s not to like? Challenge comes in when each level shows little twists and surprises that would leave you thinking twice about how you’ll solve the game. If you’ve only known Love Balls in mobile or online, then this is good news for you! You can now download Love Balls to your own PC!


This time, after getting past the two-digit levels, you have come to the point where you need to show your extreme skill in reaching this far! Great job for doing your best and stepping up your game every time. But, we also cannot avoid the fact that there are levels more difficult than expected.


Love Balls Level 163 Walkthrough


This level brings you another challenge! This time, the set-up is familiar yet different at the same time. In this round, you got the blue balls at the side of the suspended triangle and the circles are in a downright direction. Below these shapes are the barbed wire, which means that it could not be drawn to. If the blue ball does not reach the end of the screen where the pink ball is located, you’ll lose the round. Make sure that the pink ball, which is at the floor located at the bottom of the screen, would meet the blue ball. Obviously, when gravity acts on the game, it will directly pull the blue ball towards the barbed wires. With your help, you could save him and bring him to the pink ball!



What you can do for this level is to draw a line connecting the triangle and the circle so when the gravity acts, the ball will not fall into the barbed wire but will be led towards the pink ball. At the same time, since it does not create a long line, you can still get the 3 stars for this level! What a surprise!



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