Love Balls Level 148 Guide

After you download Love Balls and play it in your PC, you probably know by now that the game offers a great gaming experience for you! We want to congratulate you on reaching this far! I’m sure that you have been familiar with how the game works and you must have encountered some of the most difficult levels on the previous levels. This time, since you stayed on for a little longer, there’s more to this level!


Level 148 Love Balls Walkthrough


In level 148, the balls are placed on each side of the barbed wire, and on top of each side are green balls together with a green floor at the bottom of the barbed wires. Obviously, in order for the love balls to meet, they have to roll into the floor under the barbed wire. To do that, the player must create a way to prevent the ball from falling into the abyss and instead would lead them toward the floor under the barbed wires. Just a hint, the set-up should utilize the green balls in each side of the wire to get those love balls to meet.



Now let’s go to the details. In order to reach your goal which is to make sure the balls meet, all you have to do is create a horizontal hexagon without the bottom line. This way the lines are pointing towards the barbed wire and into the floor’s direction. Since it is a hexagon, the green balls at each side of the wire will help to hold the set-up in place despite the pull of the gravity. Another solution for this level is to create an incomplete oval. Just like the hexagon, it would catch the love balls and lead them towards the floor.



This game may take you some time before you figure out how to get it right. We are prepared to help you get to the next level. Aside from helping you through every level, we also have some tips to upgrade your gameplay and help you make a strategy for the next levels. Don’t miss our Love Balls cheats and hacks to get you going until the very last round!

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