Love Balls Game Level 60 Tips and Tricks

Want a fun and exciting game that would satisfy your craving for a simple yet challenging game? Love Balls is here for you! In this game, you simply need to draw and lead these balls back to each other’s side. But, this simple game assures you of different levels every time! The more you play, the more challenging it gets! Download Love Balls and experience fun now!


Love Balls can be a bit tiring especially when you get stuck to a level. It just makes your heart lose all the hope and confidence you get from the previous 3-star levels. Don’t worry if ever you get stuck to a level because we’re here to help you. You can read more of what lies ahead of level 60 and discover how to get past this. Take some time and read our solution below.


Win Level 60 Fast


In level 60, the blue ball is placed in an elevated place while the pink ball is left on the ground. Despite the set-up, the goal still remains and that is to get them back together again! Since the elevated structure provides an inclined appendage that would lead the ball to the ground, the challenge is to get the blue ball rolling to that inclined appendage to reach the pink ball to the ground. With that in mind, all you have to do is push the blue ball towards the direction of the inclined plane. You can do this by creating a small convex or semi-circle line to push the ball from its position and allow the gravity to do its work.



As simple as that, you are able to bring them back together! Watch out the way you make those lines to push the ball. Make sure it’s enough to keep the ball rolling until the edge, or else your stars at the end of the level will be affected.



Now, if this helped you, you can read more about this in our FAQ page. Get to know more about the FAQs and the answers to some of the difficulty levels. Who knows, this could save you from hitting those hint buttons, so visit the link now!

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