Beat Level 50 of Love Balls

Do you like brain-teasing games that are both simple and challenging at the same time? The only condition you need is imagination, quick thinking, and maybe a bit of your physics lesson! Now, don’t get too overwhelmed because we assure you that this game is fun and exciting! Download Love Balls online and experience this game on your own PC. A combination of simple mechanics and challenging levels are just the right amount of thrill you need! Check it out now!


The more you play, the more you’ll get hooked! Getting stuck at a level is a real struggle especially if you badly need those stars to unlock new levels! This time, we will grant your request to know how to solve level 50 of Love Ball games and to get you going!


Learn How to Win Level 50 in Love Balls


We cannot deny the truth that level 50 is much harder than the previous level. This time, the set-up is a little bit tricky. Five triangles of different shapes are placed alternately with four yellow balls. Since it is colored yellow, this means that these balls are moving so it is good to also consider the motion before you draw.



For this level, there is also the danger of falling into the abyss. To avoid that, make sure that you create a catch for these love balls that would also help them to meet. The best answer for that would be a semi-circle. This is perfect for catching both of them and at the same time lead them to the center of the curve to meet. It’s like hitting two birds in one stone!



Explaining it is easy and would be much easier when you understand the principle behind the drawing. Remember these tricks and tips to get you going to the rest of the levels! Discover more challenging levels that would surely take you by surprise. Don’t miss out other solutions to the next level. In fact, you can check out our guide for level 51!

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