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Want a new and exciting game that would get your brain working? We got the perfect game for you! Play Love Balls! This is the latest game developed by Super Tapx and was released last April of this year. Aside from its initial release in both Android and iOS, you can also play it online or you can download the game on your PC and play it anytime you want!


The main goal of the game is to reunite the two love balls by drawing and creating lines to guide the balls to each other. Draw whatever shape that could help you achieve the goal. No need to worry if the line is not straight or the circle is not perfect. The most important thing is to make sure the two balls meet. Make sure you maximize the set-up and use fewer lines to lead them back to each other. The fewer lines you draw, the greater the chance that you get those 3 stars! You also get coins when you do a great job in solving the puzzle. These coins will come in handy when you get stuck in a level and badly need a hint. As the game progresses, the difficulty increases. Currently, there are 552 levels in this game and according to the developers, there are more levels to release as long as you update your game. If you need help solving the puzzles, you can try our Love Balls cheats guide to get started.


Since this game is a game of thinking, it’s up to your wits and imagination on how you will answer each level. There is no structured formula for answering each level. So, there is also no pressure! Get creative to save both balls and bump them!


Are you ready to get hooked in this game of wit and imagination? Do you have what it takes to get to the last level of this game? Come and find out! Play and download Love Balls now!

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