What Are the Different Available Last Day on Earth Weapons?

Last Day on Earth: Survival involves fighting a lot of zombies. And when such a burden comes along, you want a steady resource of weaponry to fight these brain-eaters. Fortunately, the game offers a plethora of Last Day on Earth weapons at your disposal.



The Basics of Last Day on Earth Weapons


In order for you to start building weapons, you will need to utilize the crafting system to your advantage. Only then will you have a chance when fighting off a seemingly never-ending surge of zombies.


For starters, you have your standard guns. This includes AK-47s, Dual Berettas, M-16, Glock 7s, S&W magnums, shotguns, and even zip guns. Like any other weapons, you have the ability to modify them to make them even more powerful. For instance, you can make these weapons longer range, allowing you to have enough distance while fighting the oncoming undead and stay safe from harm.


Modifying Weapons in the Game


In most cases, it is easy to find yourself overrun by zombies so you need to be ready to defend yourself. This is especially true when fighting them at a closer range. This is the type of situations when you need to opt for melee weapons, including, but not limited to, scythes, shovels, torches, pickaxe, paddles, road signs, nailboard, makeshift bats, machetes, katanas, hatchet, hammers, hockey sticks, golf clubs, baseball bats, brooms, and cleavers.


You may also find it more helpful to use your own bare fists when trying to survive in Last Day on Earth. Learn more tips here! As with your long-range weapons, you can upgrade a variety of these melee choices. Just keep in mind that as zombies try to get closer and corner you, you are becoming more vulnerable to harm. Expect to take damage but be smart enough to use melee weapons accordingly.


Special Last Day on Earth Weapons


Yes, that is right – special weapons exist in Last Day on Earth: Survival. Some of these are flamethrowers, miniguns, or the zombie collar. The flamethrower and minigun, in particular, are very useful when you are already surrounded by a group of zombies. They can provide you with some space to either retaliate or escape, whichever you find applicable.


The zombie collar, on the other hand, is non-damaging but it is useful enough to temporarily recruit zombies to your side. And once you do, they can kill other zombies on your behalf and, thus, greatly reducing the number of undead that you need to worry about. Note that you can only shackle up to 5 zombies at a time.


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