The Different Types of Last Day on Earth Bunkers Explained

There are various types of bunkers that you can find in Last Day on Earth: Survival. While the goal of this game is to survive (hence the name) and strive to get back to normalcy, there is always room for exploration – and it is something that you actually have to do.


By essence, Last Day on Earth bunkers (also known as army bunkers) contains and offer large stockpiles of supplies. When trying to survive in-game, you would need resources, such as food, water, clothing, material, and other various items. This is where bunkers became substantial, as they provide you access to supplies that could help in your survival journey.



Why Last Day on Earth Bunkers are a Game Changer


While it is true that bunkers are usually few and far between, finding even on can significantly change the landscape of your game.  One of the most common bunkers that you will find in-game is none other than the Alfa. It is quite popular that a good number of players highly coveted it due to the fact that it contains large stockpiles.


Generally speaking, these bunkers have levels; hence, many low-level players will find it hard to utilize them to their advantage. Like those you see in real life, Last Day on Earth bunkers is also important for survival, especially since they can be used for conjuring defense.


Sure, you may have a bunker that helps you survive, but it is likely to be inferior when you find one late in the game. The wait is worth the reward, as you can start gaining supplies from the bunkers and begin to sustain life again in the vast wasteland.


Codes and Bunkers


Let’s say you are trying to look for bunker Alfa. Before you can even use it, you will first need a code. Unfortunately, this code is not only hard to find but is also unavailable to low-level players.


Keep in mind, though, that Last Day on Earth bunker Alfa is no short of a lifesaver. Well, that is because it offers a tremendous amount of supplies that will absolutely come very handy.


Apart from Alfa, there is also Bunker Bravo and Charlie, both of which also require an access code. Many players have worked together just to find these codes. Like Alfa, the codes can be found on a soldier. Use the time in between bunkers to prepare yourself for a real survival! Do not be too occupied with the thought of getting access codes. Learn to enjoy the game, too!


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