Last Day on Earth Watchtower Explained in a Nutshell

Watchtowers tend to appear on the global map in Last Day on Earth Survival. They are primarily used for unlocking new areas of the map. There is one Last Day on Earth Watchtower in the unlocked area where players start in at the beginning of the game. Repairing this structure will require the Electric Generator and, thus, unlocks the Northern Region and Winter Zones. A Chopper is needed to deliver the Electric Generator to the Watchtower.

Remember that there are always strong enemies lurking around, so it is best to bring a lot of weapons. You might also improve your sneaking skill. In addition, enemies will be present upon arriving, even after you complete the different tasks required. As much as possible, you want to stay alert from the start to the end.


Furthermore, there is a red zone that has resource drops from foxes and oak tree. Oak trees are available around the starting zone of the Watchtower. It is highly recommended to create the chopper before you consider going to the latter. This will be extremely helpful for accomplishing many of the tasks required for unlocking the area and, at the same time, will give you a number of great bonuses. While completing the level without the chopper is entirely possible, expect it to be quite difficult, especially since it requires the use of specialized weapons.


Repairing Last Day on Earth Watchtower


Here are steps that will help you bring the Watchtower back to its former glory.
Step 1 – The very first thing you need to do is craft an Electric Generator from your Recipes screen. Once done, complete the process by finding and putting in the required items.

Step 2 – After your Electric Generator is complete, you must bring it to the watchtower. This is where your chopper will be of huge help. This also means that you need to complete your chopper before you can start fixing the Watchtower. Just pick up the finalized generator and drop it to the back side of your Chopper. Hit the “Drive” button after.

Step 3 – Now is the time you should go to the Watchtower and break the thin steel door using a Crowbar. But before you can progress further, you must kill all zombies roaming in there. Therefore, always bring with you at least 3 guns or rifles.

Step 4 – After all zombies are dead, pick up the generator from your chopper and drop it at the base of the Watchtower. Now, tread carefully and be ready with your gun. That is because a hoard of zombies will swarm you as soon as the generator is put in place.

Step 5 – Kill all the zombies using whatever Last Day on Earth weapons you have available and leave the Watchtower to arrive at your global map screen. Once these are completed, you will soon find the Oak and Winter locations visible on your map.


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