Last Day on Earth Tips That Are Worth Checking Out

When it comes to playing this game, it is really advantageous to have a list of Last Day on Earth tips handy, as these can greatly help you. It also makes total sense considering the game does not offer a tutorial to get you through when starting to explore the zombie-infested wasteland.


To get you started down the right path, here are some tips that are worth checking out. They are designed to help you survive in this game!





Scavenging for supplies is definitely one of the first things that you must do in the game. On the ground, you will notice a variety of supplies available, such as grass, rocks, and sticks, among other things.


On the bottom left corner, there is an “Auto” button that is quite useful when it comes to scavenging. By activating it, you are enabling your character to scavenge items in the area without having to guide or click the “Grab” button. By gathering items, you will not only be able to help level up your character, but you will also gain access to materials required in crafting items like a pickaxe.




As soon as you master the art of scavenging, it is time to learn about crafting in Last Day on Earth: Survival. One of the many best things to craft is your home, and this can be made possible through the “Construction” button below the in-game mini-map.


After clicking the button, a grid will come up and building options will appear down at the bottom. To craft a home, you need to put down flooring first and then walls. Each floor and wall costs one pine log each, so you need to scavenge more if you do not have enough of this resource. To make your home functional, you must craft items such as a Campfire, Small Box, and a Garden Bed, just to name a few.




With scavenging, crafting, and home building out of the way, it only makes sense for exploration to be the next step. After reaching the level, you will be able to craft a Basic Backpack that expands your inventory by eight-item spaces.


Before you craft it, your go-to option is the jacket. Unfortunately, it can only give you a limited amount of space for storage, hence the need to craft a Basic Backpack. Once crafting it is done, you are now ready to explore. Just make sure to pay special attention to the location indicator above an area, as this tells you the “density” of that place. The higher the density, the more materials, and resources you will be able to find.


Keep in mind, too, that high-density areas contain more zombies. So make sure you tread carefully when exploring these places.


Army Drops and Military Bases


Sooner or later, you will encounter army supply crate drops and military bases, both of which are Points of Interests in the game. Points such as supply crate drops are really time sensitive and, thus, expect them to disappear after a given period of time.


If you can, try to hunt these crates down to obtain some really high-quality loot. Plus, you will chance upon military bases that are fixed Points of Interest. In other words, they will not disappear in the game.


However, it is required for you to bring a Security Key Card so you can explore these bases. This key card can be obtained either from dead zombies and/or players. Once you gain access to these bases, you will find supplies and valuable resources (i.e. weapons).


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