Last Day on Earth Breed Dogs – Tips and Guide

In Last Day on Earth: Survival, dogs are more than just your best friend. That is because they can become handy in survival. Before you start breeding dogs, you obviously need to start with a puppy; hence, you must find one first.


But hey, it is pretty straightforward. Puppies tend to spawn in green resource zones, particularly those that you have yet visited. To get one, just simply use the same icon that you would use in grabbing a resource. You will then see your best friend in your inventory with the name “Puppy in a Box.”


Do not get excited, though – you will not be able to raise it right away. You need to reach level 10 first. Do that and you will be able to unlock the Dog Crate. Now, this is where the fun of Last Day on Earth breed dogs begins.


Here’s How to Build Last Day on Earth Base Like a Pro

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Important Things to Keep in Mind


Breeding dogs in Last Day on Earth are not rocket science. You can easily complete this with ease. But first, you need to know some important things that will help you on this journey.


Building the Dog Crate allows you to feed a dog using Dry Food, Raw Meat, and Raw Turkey. Doing so will allow your buddy to grow.


Once your dog reaches adult age, its rank will show up (I, II, III, IV). The growth, in particular, will start generating traits depending on its rank. Breeding is your best bet when trying to get good traits.


Skill traits are basically buff that gives you a bonus. For instance, it will give you an increase in the chances of acquiring rate items.

Breeding Dogs Like a Pro


You are given the ability to breed two dogs; either it is same rank or male and female. This will be done through the Dog Crate, which, in turn, will produce a puppy. It is possible for you to get the same rank, though some cases will result in higher ranks.


Remember that breeding dogs will result in losing both dogs (male and female), but this only means that you will be getting a higher or equal rank puppy. If you want to pass the traits of the parents’ to this new puppy, just simply select “Inherit Traits.”


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