Introducing the Different Types of Last Day on Earth Vehicles

The survival game Last Day on Earth: Survival offers a total of four different vehicles, each of which has very specific purposes. Despite the differences, all of them offer support for players to advance in the game. Of course, though, the assistance that these Last Day on Earth vehicles provide largely depends on what the players are trying to accomplish when playing.


It is worth noting that these vehicles need to be unlocked and assembled. So, without further ado, here are the different types of vehicles in Last Day on Earth: Survival.





The Chopper is capable of decreasing the amount of time needed to get from one place to another. Although it requires gasoline, the comfort it gives is quite unmatched when it comes to helping you travel faster.




The ATV can help you unlock new locations in the game. It is primarily built to provide comfort when trying to reach far territories. This vehicle is the second to be unlocked in the game and also helps players when trying to travel far from the base. Two of the lands it allows you to reach are the Oak Bushes and Watchtowers.


Zombie Truck


The third vehicle is the zombie truck. Unlike the ones mentioned before, this comes with a pretty neat feature. It basically allows players to set up a new base.


MI-24 helicopter


The last vehicle in the game is none other than the MI-24 Helicopter, which kind of works exactly as the ATV. It helps unlock new locations within the game, too. This vehicle lets you travel to new locations by crossing any and all water barriers that might be in your way. This is the last vehicle that you are going to unlock in the game.


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