How to Unlock and Build Last Day on Earth Recycler Tool

The Last Day on Earth recycler tool came to the game via an update. Since its introduction, hundreds of players across the globe have found it useful. It helps you build new items through disassembling other components. Basically, it is a perfect way to turn useless stuff into useful things.


By essence, the recycler lets you recycle old thing that you no longer want or find useful. Keep in mind, however, that it is not readily available and players need to unlock it first before using.



Unlocking Last Day on Earth Recycler

First things first, make sure that there is enough empty space in your house and that there are at least two Last Day on Earth: Survival craft points available. Once you have both these things, you need to obtain the materials listed below:


  • 1 Light Bulb
  • 3 Oak Planks
  • 5 Aluminum Bars
  • 8 Iron Plates
  • 10 Rubber Parts


Remember that as soon as you start disassembling and assembling stuff, you will get skills that will help you level up. In other words, the more skills you gain, the better and more enhanced things you are likely to create.


In Last Day on Earth: Survival, it is always possible to disassemble things. Some of these can yield some interesting results, though it heavily depends on the level of skills that you have in that particular group. Every time you recycle an item, you get a percentage level. You will gain percentage point for the first item at every 3rd level, another percentage point for the second item at every 5th level and finally a percentage point for the third item every tenth level.


Recycling groups are of different types. Here are they:


  • Clothes
  • Electronics
  • Firearms
  • Mechanics
  • Melee Weapons
  • Others


To truly survive the game, you need to be resourceful and that is exactly why the Recycler has been added to the game. Staying alive can be difficult, so make sure to read our Last Day on Earth: Survival tips. Once you acquire the tool, practice with items so you can get really good and create valuable pieces.


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