How to Effectively Collect Last Day on Earth Water

Water is one of the most essential resources you will need in order to survive in Last Day on Earth: Survival. For instance, you want to experience shower in-game. You will need at least 2 bottles of Last Day on Earth water in order to do so. Fortunately for you, collecting water is a walk in the part, despite from a lower level.



How To Start Collecting Last Day on Earth Water


There are a handful of ways to collect water in the game. Just make sure that you always have empty water bottles ready.



By the time you start exploring the game, you will encounter dozens of crates in areas such as Pine Bushes and Limestone Ridge. These areas will always have water bottles, so it is imperative that you collect them. Do not forget the empty ones, too!


Daily Free Gift

Yes, that is right – there is a free way to collect water. Basically, every 24 hours, the game will give you a free gift that consists of 3 tins of beans and 3 bottles of water. This should easily last you a full 24 hours. Start receiving the gift by simply pressing the icon of coins found at the bottom to open the shop. Then open your inbox which is the bottom tab. For other freebies in the game, read Last Day on Earth: Survival Tips Worth Checking Out.


Through Rain Catcher

Using a rain catcher is by far the best way to collect Last Day on Earth water. It is also pretty straightforward, especially since you can start crafting it early on into the game. Just build it using 10 Logs, 3 Cloth, and 2 Metal pieces. Once done, keep it outdoors in your base and fill it with any empty water bottles you have available. Every 10 minutes, you will see it filling back up. If you only keep on top of this – and stay patient – there is no doubt that you will not run out of water.


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