Here’s How to Build Last Day on Earth Base Like a Pro

The first important thing that you have to remember is that there is no real multiplayer in Last Day on Earth: Survival (at least for now). Meaning, you need not worry about the possibility of getting raided. In fact, you are perfectly safe even without any actual buildings at all. Nevertheless, building the Last Day on Earth base is as important as getting resources to survive in-game.



Building Location

You have the freedom here, but it is ideal to set up in one of the corners of the map. By doing so, you will have enough room to either expand or build more buildings/rooms. Keep in mind, however, that the structure must be at least 2 squares away from the edge. Only then will you acquire enough space to walk around and, more importantly, set up spike traps around the perimeter of your base.

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How to Start Building Last Day on Earth Base

To begin building a base, you need to create some floors and walls. You can do this by clicking the construction icon found just below the minimap. From there, a new bar will show up at the bottom of your screen, where you can craft Level 1 Floors, Walls, Windows, and Doors for 1 Log each.


You have the option to encase yourself in a room depending on your preference. Most high-level players do not recommend building a huge house. Why? That is because walls and floors will become quite expensive to upgrade. Your best course of action is to keep it at a minimum, which should be enough to give you the luxury to upgrade without zeroing your resources. Lastly, make sure to fortify the perimeter to prevent a zombie attack.


Protecting Your Base

For lower-level players, the best way to protect Last Day on Earth base is by building and setting up spike traps. You can build spike traps going all around your base, and this should be perfect to kill any zombies trying to invade your property. Note that zombies still have the ability to destroy spike traps but not necessarily immediately. If you want to further protect your base, there are a few things that you can do. One of these is none other than logging out from the game. This will massively reduce the amount of damage your base will take.


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