Can You Use Last Day on Earth Cheats?

It holds true that Last Day on Earth: Survival is one of the toughest mobile games to play. Staying alive is easier said than done, especially since there are thousands of zombies waiting to eat you out. Considering all of these, it only makes sense for players like you to wonder: “Can I use Last Day on Earth cheats?”


Hate to burst your bubble but not a single cheat is built into the game. Sure, you can refer to some cheats you found online. However, keep in mind that downloading these hacks has the possibility to put your computer and personal information at risk. So instead of cheesing your way into this game, you might find it more interesting to try some Last Day on Earth tips and tricks.



Focus on Leveling Up


It is totally okay to feel weak especially early on into the game. This is due to the fact that you do not have strong equipment (yet). It is not until level 10 that you start making your first set, so it is imperative to prioritize leveling up first.


Gather Early and More Often


It is a no-brainer but you will definitely need a lot of materials to build everything that you require to survive. This is where you will appreciate the idea of gathering or creating resources, such as a hatchet or pickaxe. This stuff is totally worth your time.


Always Keep an Eye Out


It is expected from you to chance upon a Point of Interest but must be successful in noticing them as soon as they pop up on the world map. These are temporary and have great rewards. This is why you will find yourself wanting to complete them as quickly as possible.


Get a Backpack


The Basic Backpack will increase your space by eight. Make sure to find the blueprint and then build a backpack early.


Build a Home as Early as Possible


It is the best to build a 3 x 3 home for starters. From there, you can furnish it with the basics, such as a Small Box for storage, Garden Bed for food supply, and Campfire to improve the value of your food. Cooking is really easy in Last Day on Earth: Survival and, at the same time, quite beneficial. Cooked food will give you more benefits than raw food. You can cook as much meat as the vegetable you get in the bushes or farms.


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