Where to Look for Gardenscapes Username?

More than a décor puzzle game, Gardenscapes is player-friendly and very interactive. The first time you download the game and played it, you were greeted and welcomed by Austin, the friendly butler. After the introduction, in order to recognize you in the game as the owner of the mansion and the garden, he asks for your name. Thereafter, he uses that name to address you in every conversation.


Since it was your first time, you probably went for the typical and boring names. But, now that you know that this is going to be your identity for the rest of the time, we’re sure you regretted putting that name in the box! Now, the real inevitable question is: HOW? Settle down, because today you’ll know how to change your name and even a few tricks as well to know your username! Stay tuned because the more you read, the more you’ll know how!


Gardenscapes Username Tips


To change your Gardenscapes name, you may look at the top left corner and you will see an icon that looks like a gear. This indicates that the button is for Settings. Once clicked, you can tap on the Profile Settings button. Tap on the Profile Settings button and you will find several tabs on the screen. Go to the Setting Tab and click on the “Change Name” button. You will then see 2 options, namely “Change your Name” and “Change Pet Name”. Click on the “Change your Name” button and you will be able to see your current game name. If you want to change this name, simply delete the existing name and type in your desired game character name. Lastly, click “Ok” to save your choice.



Regarding the username, when you scroll down you will see a small rectangle that says “Add Friends” if you tap on it and you will see a new window that says “Add by Name” and “Add from Facebook”. When you scroll down further, you will see on the bottom at the center of the screen something that says “Your username is:”. Then, you’ll see your username which is usually a combination between your game name and some numbers. Change it according to what you want and play Gardenscapes.


Download the game today and read up on more on how to complete the Gardenscapes levels! Play more and you will get upgrades to improve your garden, including Gardenscapes butterflies!

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