Tips on Using the Shovel in Gardenscapes

Gardenscapes is a good game to practice your wit and your good sense of art. Aside from renovating the garden and picking out good décor accents, playing the match-3 puzzle is a great way to challenge your strategy and gameplay! To maximize those strategies and gameplay it is vital that you know your bullets to trigger.  Aside from power-ups created while matching, you get more things to help you win the game! Read more to find out!



Boosters are one of the game’s biggest blessings! One thing to know is that when the time comes that you’re nearly out of moves and you still need one more of that garden piece, the boosters will be of great help! Shovels are one of them and are available to you once you unlock it! This booster is known to be the very first one to be unlocked and ready for use. They have the ability to uproot any tile on the game board. If there’s one tough tile you’d like to break, you can use the shovel to avoid wasting your limited moves!


What is the Shovel for in Gardenscapes? 


The Shovel tool is a great item that could make a huge difference of either clearing the level or wasting one life. With the help of the shovel, you can collect items such as butterflies, swan statues, lemonades, and even fireflies with no hassle! To use it, simply tap on it at the top or left side of the screen, and select the tile that you want to use the shovel on. Shovels can also be used to trigger the power-ups that are trapped by obstacles. Check out the official video on Gardenscapes’ official channel on the wonders shovels can do!


Download Gardenscapes now and try out the shovel! You can also read our Gardenscapes username guide to learn how to find and change your username in the game.

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