How to Solve Level 88 on Gardenscapes?

Take the challenge and make the garden beautiful again! With Gardenscapes, you get to decorate and arrange the garden the way you want it! Get those green thumbs working with this game as you collect flowers and fruits in the garden. Help Austin, the butler to clean and renovate it to become the most beautiful one in town. Enjoy this game when you download Gardenscapes to your PC now!


Beat Level 88 Easily


Now, level 88 is where you have to help Austin collect 2 glasses of lemonade by allowing it to drop at the bottom of the game board within 28 moves. Compared to the previous level, this looks easier with lesser things to collect and plenty of moves to use. But, don’t be fooled! This level is no different because there are still challenges along the way. The game board is packed with wooden crates and chained garden icons — even the lemonades are chained! Aside from that, the lemonades are not placed at the center of the board game but are placed in the opposite sides of the bottom of the game board.



First of all, before you do anything to the lemonades, you have to get rid of the wooden crates. Match the same icons near the crates to hit these wooden crates. If it is not enough, get those bombs by forming 5 or more cluster of the same icons. The more you form this, the more chance you’ll get to destroy the chains as well as the wooden crates that are piled up pretty well making it harder and harder to destroy them as you get at the bottom. Once cleared, try making bombs at both sides of the main game board to blast the sides where the lemonades are. This way, the chains will be broken and the lemonades are out of the extended sides in no time. Then, match the rest of the icons below to get the lemonades at the bottom of the board and you’re good to go!


Take this advice and you’ll surely pass this level! Get more of these tips and hacks to advance through the game! Look for more questions answered and head on to our Gardenscapes FAQ page!

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