How to Solve Level 80 of Gardenscapes?

Gardenscapes is a game of adventure together with Austin, the butler, and his dog! This game will allow you to explore the artistic side and competitive side! Now in level 80, the mechanics is still the same, match 3 or more identical garden icons and you’re good to go. Just be mindful of the moves and limitations of the game board. Explore new acres of the garden when you download Gardenscapes.



In this level, the task is to find the 16 hidden gnomes from the game board in just 28 moves. Looks easy right? However, the game board says otherwise. Just looking at the board, you’ll know that this is not like any of the previous levels. This time, two strips of the lake are laid out on the main board. There are also 4 isolated 2×2 squares. There are also wooden crates scattered in the middle of the board. Basically, revealing the gnomes for this level will be quite harder than usual. Make sure to clear the puzzle pieces layered with grass in order to find the real gnomes. The more layers of grass there are, the harder it will be to find the gnome.


Gardenscapes Level 80 Guide


The major problem for this level would be the lack of moves available. So, the best way to solve level 80 of Gardenscapes is to use power-ups! For the isolated square, it is good to use the Rainbow Blast to reach them. It will be crucial to continuously create a 4-match play to recharge the rainbow blast. This way you also create more power-ups such as firecrackers, bombs and dynamites. Make sure to also swap the Rainbow Blast with the icon that is common in the isolated squares to get rid of them!


You will surely appreciate the game more when you get past this level. Try doing the tips and play the game more to discover your own tricks and hacks! You can also check our article about the difference between Gardenscapes and Homescapes to learn more about the game.

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