How to Solve Level 318 on Gardenscapes?

If you have reached this level, congratulations for reaching this far in the game! You just proved that this game will never bore you out! Don’t worry because you and Austin’s adventures are surely far from over. Catch the latest updates and level-ups on this game. Playrix will certainly upgrade features and other twists and surprises as you continue to express loyalty to the game! Take a read on the latest Gardenscapes unlimited lives trick to get started.



This match-3 game puzzle is no joke especially now in level 318! For this level, the task is to take out 2 lemonades in 29 moves! Looking at this condition is enough to tell you that even pros would have a hard time playing this level! Did we mention the gameboard? Well, half of the board is filled with wooden crates plus the lake in the middle makes it much harder to break! Tough may not be enough to describe this level.


Gardenscapes Level 318 Walkthrough


The easiest way is to start off by breaking the boxes on the rotational lake. After doing so, work your way towards the center of the board game. This is much difficult to do when you only match near the boxes so it is advisable to create boosters like bombs and rockets (the favorites). With these boosters, you could easily clear out a greater area of wooden crates on the game board. The rainbow power-ups are a great help as well especially if they get to clear out icons near the boxes. The boosters and power-ups are a major help for you in this level so make sure to get them while you can. This is also the most efficient way to bring these lemonades down. So, use those moves wisely! It is of utmost importance that before you make any moves, you plan ahead and strategize.


This may be a tough cookie to break, but there is also no harm in trying again. If ever you fail in getting the lemonades down, do better the next time! You can play more and try more when you download Gardenscapes on your PC now!

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