How to Play Level 93 on Gardenscapes?

No doubt, Gardenscapes is a real crowd favorite!  This game is more than the match-3 puzzles. This game also follows the story of Austin as you help him renovate the garden. You will get to meet new people from the neighborhood! Aside from fun and exciting, this game needs a strategy! So, get ready to hit up your thinking chairs as you answer each level.


Download Gardenscapes and get ready to advance in each level.


Beat Gardenscapes Level 93


In this level, you have to help Austin collect 3 lemonades with only 20 moves. It may seem simple without looking at the game board because this level is out of this world! Anything that could make the game more difficult is there on the game board. Chained fruits, wooden crates, moving lakes, and rotating icons. With all of these, you could be overwhelmed and lose track of your moves. Good thing this level introduces the extra move caps which looks like a yellow cap with a number. This feature will certainly help you gain more moves on top of the initial 20 moves so grab them while you can. Plus, we got you some tips and tricks to overcome this level!



The first thing to prioritize is getting rid of the boxes. Match icons near the box to pop them off! Or, you could make bombs and other boosters by matching 4 or more identical icons! Once done, get those chained fruits ready because they’re next!  Be alert and make sure that every move you make helps the lemonade move one step closer to the bottom of the game board. Grab opportunities that allow you to create bombs and rockets. These boosters are a big help to you and would get rid of those wooden crates in no time. In case that you lose all the moves, don’t forget to get those extra move caps to gain extra moves. More moves mean more chances of winning. Take this advice and play level 93 with confidence!


Amazing tips, right? Now get going and get past this level! To know more about this game and its features, you can explore our Gardenscapes FAQ page. Enjoy the cool graphics and explore more of the game itself!

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