How to Play Level 87 on Gardenscapes?

Get creative in Gardenscapes as you renovate and create the most wonderful garden among the town. Take the time to decorate and clean up part of the garden. Together with Austin, the butler, and his dog, collect all the task needed and help him achieve it by matching 3 or more garden icons. This timeless game is both fun and exciting to follow. Download Gardenscapes on PC now!


Gardenscapes Level 87 Walkthrough


In level 87, with only 28 moves, help Austin remove 60 acorns and 6 hidden gnomes. With a great number of things to collect in a limited number of moves, this level sure is a challenge! Not only that, but the game board also looks challenging!



The icons at the top right and bottom left of the board are frozen. These are hard-to-reach positions in the board, which means that if the gnomes are hidden behind those frozen icons, you need to work your way to thaw them up and collect the gnomes! On top of that, the center of the board is surrounded by water where the garden icons are free to rotate. For this level, it is impossible to do this without using boosters to help you.


Best way to solve this level is to start matching at the top part where the acorn comes from, this way you can crack the acorn when they go down. Aside from that, you also get the chance to break the ice when you start at the top. With that, you get more gnomes easily. Starting at the top means that you also have more chances of making boosters such as bombs and dynamites to use in breaking the ice at the bottom part of the game board. As much as you want to unravel the hidden gnomes, make sure to not forget the 60 acorns you need to collect!


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