How to Play Level 77 in Gardenscapes?

Gardenscapes is a game that is fun and exciting, and at the same time, allows you to explore and venture out to a different side of you! This time you get to bring the artistic and strategic side of you altogether. Artistic, as this game lets you decide how you will decorate the garden, and strategic, as it demands thinking as you answer the match-3 puzzles in order to collect the icons and earn a star! Want to try out this game? Download it now and start playing the game!


Gardenscapes Level 77 Guide


In level 77, you have to help Austin earn a star by matching 3 identical icons. But aside from that, each level has a task to collect. For this level, you only have 31 moves to get all the 5 lemonades from the bottom of the board. Not only that, but the game board is split but it does not appear so. This is seen when the lemonades, upon reaching the left side bottom, would go straight to the portal going through the right side of the board. Another problem could be that of the acorns scattered in the game board.



To get past this level successfully, get rid first of all the acorns on the left side of the game board. Once done, the lemonades will surely move to the portal going to the right side of the game board. With that, you can continue matching 3 or more until you lead the lemonades at the bottom of the game board! Other than matching you could also use the boosters to help you. Create boosters when you match 4 and more identical garden icons. Surely with this level, bombs and dynamites are a big help especially when they fire up those acorns. Also, don’t forget that you only have 31 moves, so be mindful of how you will play the game.


With that, you can surely move into Gardenscapes Level 80 and beyond! Continue to help Austin earn those stars so you can continue renovating and cleaning the garden! Follow the story of each level, and know more about Austin, the friendly butler.

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