How to Make the Butterflies Appear in Gardenscapes?

Gardenscapes is a fun game where you follow the story of Austin the butler and his adventures as he renovates the garden. With your help, he gets to earn the stars through the match-3 puzzles.  To bring something new in the table, they did not just want it to be a typical match-3 but instead, they have tasks to collect for each round. From different garden icons, acorns to lemonades. You collect just about anything here in the garden. Now help Austin collect the butterflies to win the game and earn a star! Try the game and download Gardenscapes on your PC to enjoy the game offline.



Gardenscapes Butterflies Guide


Just like the rest of the icons, the Butterflies only appear at certain levels in Gardenscapes. In order to collect them, you need to match the butterflies with pieces of the same color or explode nearby power-ups to catch them. Don’t forget that you can also use the Rainbow Blast power-up to clean all the pieces and butterflies of the same color. With each move taken, the butterflies will move up by one piece. Make sure to collect them before reaching the top or else it would be really difficult to catch them. Getting stuck with no identical colors? Worry not, because you can just make bombs by matching 4 and more identical pieces.  This way you get more butterflies in one move.


To know more Gardenscapes level guides, you can check out the official tutorial on how to clear Butterflies on Gardenscapes’ official channel! Watch out for the tutorial on YouTube as well. This time, you’ll do better in collecting butterflies in the game!

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