How to Get Rid of Honeycombs in Gardenscapes?

Honeycombs are here! But beware because this sweet stuff may not be sweet after all! Honeycombs produce honey that spread onto the next tile, covering the puzzle piece under it. Do not leave them lying around, with every wasted second, the honey is ready to scatter sweet mess around the board! To prevent the board from getting sticky and gooey, read more about the tips and tricks to removing this annoying honey.



You don’t want to let those honeycombs ooze out honey because when they do, the game will be harder than what you expect. Obviously, there is no way of removing those honeycombs, the next best thing you can do to prevent this is to remove the honey and prevent it from spreading all over the board. Just as you remove wooden crates and mushrooms, removing honey is no different! To remove honey, make matches next to it. Power-ups are a big help in doing this. However, Rainbow Blast and shovel power-ups are an exception to this. Just make sure to do it as quickly as possible. Also, keep the honey away from the top of the play board to avoid getting stuck. So good tip: work from the top down.


Use Power-ups to Eliminate Honeycombs in Gardenscapes


Continuously use the power-ups but use them wisely to match it near the honey.  Look closely at the board and plan your next move before you move at all. Strategizing is very essential. Every move is important, so think of your next move while being mindful of the honey. If you allow the honey to flow, it can get out of control fast, causing you to lose the game.

Don’t forget all these tips to help you win the game, as well as other tricks for Gardenscapes such as unlimited lives! Make sure you don’t miss out on all the updates as well! Go try out the game now and download Gardenscapes today!

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