Get Rid of Mushrooms in Gardenscapes

Gardenscapes is a jam-packed game of cute graphics and exciting storylines. Every update is another reason to play the game! As you level up, you see more and more of the elements coming to place. Aside from the usual colorful icons and pieces in the game boards, as you level up, you get to see new pieces coming along. One of the most noticeable ones are the bright red mushrooms. These mushrooms could have been a good addition to the set. However, they’re known to block the player’s access to parts of the field. This could mean trouble to players and would increase the chances of losing the game! Fret not, because we got the ultimate answer in getting rid of these mushrooms! Explore the site more, and you’ll discover Honeycomb tricks that will help you in the game.



Gardenscapes Mushroom Guide


Getting rid of other blocking elements is no different when you are removing mushrooms! You only need to do the basic principles! These are the ways how:


The player must make matches near the mushrooms in order to break them! Get them all sliced up when you match it near them. The more mushrooms you slice, the better! You also get more of those space and you get to collect the rest of the task in ease! Take advantage of the power-ups as well! Another way of ridding the playing field of mushrooms is to simply blow them up. Use bombs to get rid of them! The player can also use the Rainbow Blast tool. When triggered, it eliminates not only multiple mushrooms at a time, but helps clear the board of pieces near the mushrooms resulting in a higher point value.


Finally, another tool to use is the shovel to get rid of the mushrooms on the game board. Just make sure you have enough shovels at disposal. Tap on the shovel icon and the player can immediately choose which mushroom to eliminate. This is particularly helpful when there is no other way to get rid of a single mushroom on the board.


Check out the official tutorial on how to get rid of mushrooms on Gardenscapes’ official channel! Download Gardenscapes now and try solving these levels to apply what you learned!


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