Clear the Acorn in Gardenscapes Level 75

Looks like the harvest is finally here! In this level, the goal is to collect all 32 acorns on the game board. However, here’s the ultimate twist: the game area is separated into 2 halves, with the bottom half leading to the top. At first glance, it may seem impossible but as you study the game more, you’ll see how it would work.



It may look like no moves can be made on the top half at all and you may be at a lost on what to do next. But if you would look closely, there are berries in the middle of the acorns. Target those berries to pop the acorns right away and would allow the garden icons to move to the top half of the board. You should focus on breaking acorns as fast as you can to create more space.


Get Rid of the Acorns in Gardenscapes Level 75


The best method to target those berries is to charge a Rainbow Blast by using explosive power-ups as soon as you can. Create opportunities to make a 4-match play to make explosive power-ups and would, therefore, charge the rainbow blast.  Once the Rainbow power-up is charged, swap it with the berries which is a common fruit piece in the top half of the game board. Because of this, you will be able to remove all the berries in the game boards.  You will then be able to bring some pieces from the bottom half to the top as you have made room of them. Another method to try out is, you have to form bombs or dynamites on the first row of the bottle panel and trigger it. The impact and radius of these explosives will be enough and would be able to reach the acorns on the last row of the top panel.


Overall, just remember to break all the acorns to fill the top half of the game board and to create more spaces. There are also other tricks that you do in the game like getting unlimited lives. Do you have what it takes to win this challenge? Play Gardenscapes on PC today!

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