What is the Role of Michelle in Cooking Fever?

Once you have cleared all the levels in the City, Paradise Island, and Alpine Mountains, you will have access to Michelle’s Café, which is the last restaurant in Cooking Fever. In this level, you will get the ultimate test of your skills because it has harder challenges compared to other restaurants in the game. In this restaurant, you will also have access to different kinds of coffees, brownies, and Stroopwafels. Now, Stroopwafel is a kind of waffle with a pizzelle-like shape consisting of two wafers with a thin caramel filling.


The restaurant is more challenging because it requires you to continue clicking for orders and refilling coffee machines. It has lots of customers and you have to add coffee beans continuously. You have to constantly make sure that the Hot and Iced Coffee Dispensers always have cups. You also have to make sure that the desserts are always ready for orders.



Then, Who Is Michelle?


Michelle might be a random character, but she is very important in the game. So, you might be wondering who Michelle is, right? Well, Michelle is a character that you will actually know even from the beginning. You will even see her progress through the game. You watch her move from one restaurant to another with the goal of fulfilling her dreams of becoming a famous chef.


Yes, Michelle is You.


Michelle is the avatar that you are controlling. You are Michelle! Since she (or you) already proved that she is a hardworking and goal-driven chef, she started her own café. With the experience she earned through the many works that she did for different restaurants in each location the game, she was able to start her own restaurant to continue fulfilling her dreams.


In the end, you will be managing your own café and start having your own customers. So, that is Michelle for you.


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