Tips And Tricks For Cooking Fever

There are lots of different Cooking Fever guides and walkthroughs on the Internet, but most of them are cheats and hacks which you cannot really use in the game. Why? That is because the developers of Cooking Fever constantly update the game to battle these exploits. If you are looking for legit Cooking Fever tips and tricks, you have come to the right place! You can rest assured knowing that our tips and tricks are clean from any hacking and cheating shenanigans. Above all, it is designed to let you continue enjoying the game.



Some Important Tips to Keep in Mind:


Focus On Leveling Up 

Once you level up, you will earn lots of rewards that you can use to upgrade your restaurants, kitchen equipment, and interior. However, you might be tempted to spend your coins and gems to unlock more restaurants. We advise you to save your coins and, most especially, your gems until you get to level 7, as this level will let you unlock the casino that will give you the chance to win 15 gems a day. Read our Cooking Fever gems guide to know more about the casino strategy.


Upgrade Items Using Coins Only

You can upgrade kitchen and interior items through coins first so that you can proceed to the next level quickly and increase your daily income. Once you do this, you will never get 3-star ratings for the level completion. However, when you are in the higher levels, you can earn more Daily Income and more rewards. You can now go back to completing the upgrades for the items that you skipped. Through this, you will level up faster and get higher Daily Income easily.


Customers Come First

Take note that customers become angry when it takes you a long time to serve their meals. Usually, they get impatient within 20 seconds. Try to serve their orders within that timeframe to make them happy. Doing so will also let you earn a higher tip.


These are just some of the tips and tricks that you can use in Cooking Fever. To learn more, visit our article on winning the Cooking Fever game.  To know more about the game you can also check out our complete FAQs.

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