Learn How To Win Cooking Fever Like A Pro

Just like every other game, Cooking Fever requires some skills in order for you to excel in it. If you are stuck in a level or you just do not have the required coins and gems to upgrade your restaurants and kitchen equipment, do not give up! Convert your frustration to great enjoyment by reading this article that we have prepared for you. We have compiled a short list of strategies that you can use to beat the game. Use these strategies – or combine them with your own – and you will definitely start winning Cooking Fever like a pro soon!



Always Aim for 3-Star Rating

The game will move on to the next level if you are able to earn the minimum required points. However, do not just pass the level. Try to aim for the 3-star rating so that you will get the best rewards for each level.


Complete The Challenges For Each Level

For each level, you will have different challenges that will test your skills. Complete these challenges to the best of your abilities so that you can earn more rewards. However, each challenge may require a certain kitchen or restaurant upgrade, so be sure to upgrade them according to the level’s requirements.


Satisfy Your Customers 

Most of the challenges revolve around satisfying your customers and giving them their orders at a specified time. You can use special treats so that your customers’ patience will increase. Special treats also increase the tips that you receive from customers. You can also preview the level to know the kind of food to serve to your customers.


To learn more about how you can win the Cooking Fever game, head on to our Cooking Fever tips and tricks article or the Cooking Fever levels guide.  Download Cooking Fever on your PC today for free!

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