How To Collect More Cooking Fever Gems?

If you have been playing Cooking Fever, you already know that it collecting gems is harder than getting coins and other in-game currencies. Gems are a special kind of currency in the game that, along with coins, will let you unlock more restaurants in the different locations available in the game. Gems also let you do interior upgrades of the restaurants that you own so that more customers will come in. This can help you gain more experience points and level up.


Collecting more Cooking Fever gems easily will remove the challenge and, at the same time, will take away the fun. Not only will it allow you to purchase, but it will also enable you to upgrade just about any restaurant and/or ingredient. That is why the developers of the game blocked all hacks used by players to get unlimited gems.


If you are looking for cheats on how to get free and unlimited gems, look elsewhere because this guide is definitely not what you are looking for. It is instead meant to give you tips and tricks on how to get more Cooking Fever gems while keeping the fun that the game provides.



Play Everyday

One way of getting gems is to log in to the game every day. The game offers daily rewards just by logging in and these rewards include gems. After 7 days of consecutive login, you will be rewarded with 2 gems for each day that you return to the game, for a maximum of 9 days. Even if you are not playing, you can log in just so you can collect gems.


Level Up

Increasing your experience points will allow you to level up. As such, you can get coins and gems as rewards. Continue increasing your experience points to gain more rewards. At first, you will get 2 gems per level but it will eventually increase to 7 gems once you get to higher levels.


Become an Expert Casino Player

This trick needs lots of coins to get the maximum number of gems that you can win. First, claim your Daily income exactly 24 hours apart from the last time that you claimed it. Head to the casino and place a bet of 5,000 coins until you win 15 gems. You can also double the coins up to 30 gems by doing the trick in a 12-hour time frame, but you will need an insane number of coins just to get 30 gems.


Learn more about the different strategies that you can use to win Cooking Fever by reading our guide. You can also check our Cooking Fever tips and tricks to get more familiar with the game. Download Cooking Fever on your PC today for free!

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