Guide to Cooking Fever Levels

Cooking Fever is a game where you need to upgrade your character and level up using experience points, so you can get access to different restaurants, ingredients, and kitchen equipment. The game requires you to manage your time wisely in order for you to advance to the next level.


What is really unique about the game is that it offers hundreds of hours of gameplay, allowing you to have long-lasting fun. The game lets you run restaurants, starting from the simplest one as a beginner to the biggest and most complicated restaurant when you progress through the game.


There are also three different locations that you can access Cooking Fever restaurants, such as the City, the Paradise Island, and the Alpine Mountains. The City consists of 10 restaurants with 40 levels for each restaurant that you need to beat. For Paradise Island, there are 6 restaurants and 40 levels each, and for the Alpine Mountains, you need to complete 5 restaurants also with 40 levels each. The total Cooking Fever levels are 840.



How to Level Up in the Game?

You can level up in the game and move forward to the next level by completing the tasks for each level. Your tasks range from serving hot dogs and hamburgers to creating exquisite cuisines to satisfy your customers. You will then be rewarded with experience points and, when you gain enough of them, you will level up. Leveling up also gives you rewards such as coins and gems, all of which can be used to unlock restaurants and buy more kitchen equipment. Though there are many levels in the game, you do not have to worry because you will start with the simple ones to familiarize yourself with the gameplay.


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