Everything You Need To Know About Cooking Fever

Cooking Fever is a mobile game that requires you to use your time-management skills to cook up meals for your customers. In this free cooking simulation game, you take the role of a chef that serves up delicious food using various cooking techniques. You are also in charge of managing your restaurants by doing the kitchen and interior upgrades which will help you serve your customers better.


In the game, you will be able to travel to over 20 restaurants and serve different kinds of cuisines to different customers. You will be able to cook cuisines such as Japanese, Mexican, Italian, Chinese, and Spanish food, just to name a few. By playing the game, you will also get familiarized with the various cooking equipment and ingredients. Who knows, you might be inspired to be a chef and start your own restaurant in real life!



Easy And Responsive Controls

Cooking Fever offers responsive controls that are easy to use and remember. With just a few taps and swipes in the screen of your device, you will be able to prepare and cook delicious meals. The game also boasts stunning visuals of dishes. Warning: try not to get hungry while playing Cooking Fever!


Comprehensive Gameplay

Cooking Fever has over 800 levels for you to complete. It can also give you endless hours of fun, as you can cook more than 400 dishes with 150 ingredients available in the game. Do you have no knowledge about cooking and kitchen equipment? No worries, because the game has helpful tips that will guide you in completing challenges. With its comprehensive gameplay, Cooking Fever can give you a great gaming experience.


Share Your Accomplishments

Did you just cook up a perfect meal for your customer? Let the world know by posting your accomplishments on your social media feed. You can connect your Facebook account to the game so that whenever you level up, you can tell your friends about your progress.


To get started with the game, visit our article on how to play Cooking Fever. You can also check out our Cooking Fever tips and tricks guide.  To know more about the game you can also check out our complete FAQs.

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